TC 75% Alcohol Hand Sanitizer(60-1000ml)

TC 75% Alcohol Hand Sanitizer(60-1000ml)

  • Model: TC120003
  • Size: 60/100/180/1000ml
  • Material: 75% alcohol



- 75%酒精搓手液,免洗速乾配方
-  手部使用,有效消毒殺菌
-  產品規格:1000ml/180ml/100ml/60ml/30ml
-  香港品牌,優質之選!
- 30/60/100/180/1000ml,保質期2年

- 在手掌中涂抹少量本产品,并迅速用双手摩擦直到完全揮發。 使用本产品时,请监督6岁以下的儿童。避免接觸眼部

- 易燃物品遠離火種,存放於陰涼地方

75% alcohol hand sanitizer, sterilization effect 99.9%, no-clean and quick-drying, non-stick hands, clean and hygienic
It can be used in different environments, such as carrying, hospitals, families, kindergartens, hotels, companies, travel, shopping malls, restaurants and other environments where it is not convenient to wash hands with water and soap

- 75% alcohol hand rub, no-clean quick-drying formula
- Hand use, effective disinfection and sterilization
- Product specifications: 1000ml / 180ml / 100ml / 60ml / 30ml
- Hong Kong brand, quality choice!
- 30/60/100/180 / 1000ml, valid for 2 years

Usage and precautions
- Apply a small amount of this product in the palm of your hand, and quickly rub it with both hands until completely evaporated. When using this product, please supervise children under 6 years old. Avoid contact with eyes
- Keep flammable materials away from fire and store in a cool place